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Santa Clarita Diet

Serial Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet

2 Sezoane 20 Episoade
Returning Series

Santa Clarita Diet

TMDb: 7.7/10 25.000 voturi

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Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet

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Santa Clarita Diet 2017

Va invitam sa vizionati serialul Santa Clarita Diet 2017 online subtitrat in romana gratis in HD.

Serialul Santa Clarita Diet face parte din categoria horror/comedie şi prezintă povestea unei familii de la marginea oraşului a cărei viaţă ia o întorsătură ciudată atunci când mama moare şi învie dar nu mai este ca înainte, acum e un înfometat zombi care nu arată atât de neobişnuit faţă de ceilalţi oameni.

They’re ordinary husband and wife realtors until she undergoes a dramatic change that sends them down a road of death and destruction. In a good way.

As Netflix’s television division rose in stature, it was easier for Netflix to create original programming using a-list actors. While Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright were the first big names to receive recognition for their work on Netflix Original Television projects, they were not the last and with its latest television outing, Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix managed to instantly raise the stature of the project with the participation of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

It is arguable whether or not the first season of Santa Clarita Diet would have received the attention of genre viewers, much less get greenlit were it not for the participation of Barrymore and Olyphant, as both actors and producers on the show. The premise of Santa Clarita Diet is an ambitious one, as it is a cannibal zombie comedy series and Netflix has a low success rate with horror and a very mixed record with their comedy works. Santa Clarita Diet generally finds the right balance, though with the comedy dominating the show, the quick turns into violence and gore are all the more unsettling.

After nineteen years of marriage, real estate agents Sheila and Joel Hammond experience an abrupt tragedy; while showing a house, Sheila vomits excessively (including what appears to be an organ) and appears to die. Sheila appears to wake up, though she is unable to find her own pulse. Sheila and Joel turn to their creepy cop neighbor’s stepson, Eric, for some help in figuring out what might be going on with Sheila. Eric believes that Sheila is essentially undead and when her new coworker, Gary, becomes sexually aggressive, she impulsively kills and eats him.


Anul lansării
Prima dată a difuzării2017-02-03
Ultima dată a difuzării2018-03-23
Durata episodului30 min
Status TVReturning Series

Sezoane și episoade

1 Sezonul 1                                                                                                             10 Episoade
2 Sezonul 2                                                                                                             10 Episoade


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