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The Looming Tower

Miniserie - 1x10 rosub The Looming Tower

The Looming Tower

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The Looming Tower

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The Looming Tower
The Looming Tower
The Looming Tower
The Looming Tower
The Looming Tower

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The Looming Tower 2018

<>Va invitam sa vizionati miniseria The Looming Tower 2018 online subtitrat in romana .

Urmărind ameninţarea din ce în ce mai mare a lui Osama bin Laden şi Al-Qaeda, este nevoie de o analiză controversată a modului în care rivalitatea dintre CIA şi FBI ar fi putut să evite tragedia din 11 septembrie 2001 şi războiul cu Iraq.

Lawrence Wright put in five years dealing with “The Looming Tower,” his Pulitzer prize-winning book about the pave the way to the 9/11 psychological militant assaults. The book has been adjusted into a dramatization arrangement for the gushing administration Hulu.

“My fundamental sources were psychological oppressors and insight operators,” Wright said Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s winter squeeze visit. “They’re not the most open individuals to manage. In any case, genuinely it was a mission for me. It’s likely the most critical thing I’ll do in my expert life.”

Wright said that he “needed to figure out how to take this immense catastrophe and make it human,” and his approach was to discover key people and spotlight on their stories. One of those was people was John O’Neill, a counter-psychological warfare master who wound up concentrated on Al Qaeda, was constrained out of the FBI, and was contracted as head of security at the World Trade Center — an occupation he started a long time before the 9/11 assault in which O’Neill was killed.

“The man who should get container Laden, canister Laden got him,” Wright said. “I used to think it was unexpected. Presently I believe it’s Greek.”

It’s a fight to get heard,” for O’Neill in the arrangement, Daniels said. “The way that he conveyed his message wasn’t generally perfect with individuals tuning in to him. He was bellicose. He impacted individuals when he didn’t get his direction. However, at last, he was correct.”

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The Looming Tower 2018

The Looming Tower 2018

Anul lansării
Prima dată a difuzării2018-02-28
Ultima dată a difuzării2018-02-28
Durata episodului42 min
Status TVIn difuzare

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1 Sezonul 1                                                                                                             10 Episoade


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