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The Take

Miniserie The Take

The Take

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Miniserie terminata

The Take

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The Take
The Take
The Take
The Take

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The Take 2009 – 

<>Va invitam sa vizionati miniseria The Take 2009 online subtitrata in romana gratis in HD.

Based upon the novel by Martina Cole, this TV series is mostly about Freddie Jackson, portrayed by Tom Hardy, who is just out of prison. He has the right connections and now he’s ready to use them.
The British mini-series The Take (BFS), based on a novel by Marina Cole, is a gritty gangster drama with familiar generational conflicts and power struggles dropped into the distinctly British underworld. Otherwise it isn’t much different from the American brand of gangster family tales. Tom Hardy is convincing as the ambitious, ruthless and utterly self-absorbed sociopath Freddie, a manchild of a killer who steps out of jail and back into the family business, but he’s without redeeming qualities and his repugnance and sneering jealousy makes it hard to care about him. The story really should be about his loyal cousin Jimmy (Shaun Evans), a model of self control and practical smarts who tries to keep him check until his crimes hit too close to home, but Freddie eclipses Jimmy in every scene. Brian Cox is another matter. He brings a mix of paternal affection and cagey manipulation to the family godfather Ozzy who is trying to run things from behind bars and sees his power slip with every reckless impulse the Freddie acts upon. The story swerves through scenes of grotesque violence, furious vengeance and memorable jabs of senseless tragedy, most (if not all) of it directly or indirectly spawned by Freddie, but while it has a narrative neatness to it, there’s little emotional commitment to these characters from the filmmakers, even the wives damaged by Freddie’s neglect and abuse. The four-part, three-hour production is spread to two discs. Also features brief video interviews with author Martina Cole, stars Shaun Evans and Brian Cox, and two with screenwriter Neil Biswas on two key scenes from the show, each under three minutes.
The Take 2009

The Take 2009

Anul lansării
Prima dată a difuzării2009-06-17
Ultima dată a difuzării2009-07-01
Durata episodului173 min
Status TVMiniserie terminata

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1 Sezonul 1                                                                                                             4 Episoade


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